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Have we curated ourselves into believing anything?

In case you have not heard, the last weekend in April 2017 delivered a complete cluster of an event….the Fyre Festival. Targeting affluent millennials, this weekend paradise music festival, turned luxury getaway, was billed as a weekend unlike any other. With top millennial  influencers from Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner to Blink-182 promoting the event through social media, this Coachella on a private island could do no wrong. Or could it? Has social media influence become too powerful?

Utter chaos is one term to loosely describe how the event went down. The disaster was of such a large scale that the memes on social media were swift and unforgiving. But it got us thinking…has social media crossed from influential to unrealistic? Let’s look at it both ways….


The images aren’t real.

What surprises us the most is how quickly this event was adopted – with no relevant content whatsoever. Aspirational and inspirational have crossed into reality in social media. We believe the image, no questions asked. A promise made by prominent musicians without a lot of experience in event planning. Sure, sign us up. Perhaps one of the best perspectives of this comes from an actual employee. The exposé revealed the experience that was kept well-hidden behind the scenes. No matter how far behind they were or how poor the planning was, the image of the festival was always the same – portray the luxury, hide the chaos.

Paid for content.

Even though festival goers were essentially conned, in our opinion, it’s the “influencers” who were hired to promote the event who really go down with the ship. #punintended We know that celebrities build their social media profiles so that they are attractive to advertisers, it’s part of a well-honed strategy. But where do you draw the line? Are influencers so hungry for sponsorships that they are willing to do it with no due diligence? We think the answer is yes. If your hard-cultivated brand is going to extend to another, you should confirm it is a right fit for you. If not, well, you suffer the blame just as anyone else.

What are your thoughts? Are we so influence by social media that we don’t question reality? Was the Fyre Festival bound to happen? Will it happen again?

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Social Media

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