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Relationship Marketing

Relationships at the heart of your marketing

Recently our founder and CEO, Beth Ventura, was featured on the Business Radio X show in Midtown Atlanta. In the interview, she explores her strength in building relationships that is at the heart of pocket’s client management. It’s the care, attention to detail and honest listening to client’s needs that have spurred tight, long-standing relationships with pocket…

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Wooden board with business sketch in room. Business idea concept. 3D Rendering

It’s all marketing, OK?

When can Digital Marketing just become Marketing? It all started in the early 1990s when the internet was born. Those who remember knew it was a place where brands would take their brochures and convert them into static, copy-heavy web sites.  A few years later, came clickable banners along with the founding of Google. Fast…

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Email Marketing Atlanta

Don’t forget Email

We at pocket do a lot of highly successful email marketing.  In the time where social, display and paid search are strong traffic drivers, email has gotten a bad reputation.  However, don’t discredit email for not only being a true one-to-one brand touch point, but it may be one of the more powerful tools in…

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