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Let’s face it, it’s a race amongst the social networks to see who can get the most users online for the longest time.  The evolution of social networks was the fastest adoption rate of any medium in history.  When we were first introduced to Facebook, only young users and college students were on it.  Shorty there after Twitter was born , which first was only used by “geeks”.  Fast forward 10 years, and there is a social app for every niche  – with more coming online everyday.

But consumers only have so much time to consume.  As Gary Vee said, “Twitter killed soap operas.”  Meaning as more and more adults in key advertising demographics (Adults 25-54) were going online for their entertainment, traditional media began to lose more and more viewers.

Today we are at a turning point, it now seems as if social networks are cannibalizing themselves.  Let’s check out some facts:

  • Facebook Messenger has recently outpaced Facebook  app users, to become it’s fastest growing app
  • In updating their feed algorithm to allow better ad targeting, Instagram caused an uproar of users leaving the app
  • SnapChat, leaving their roots of images that only last for 24 hours, recently launched “Memories” where you can save snaps and pull images from your Camera Roll causing a backlash from users
  • It’s been recently reported that Twitter is losing advertisers since SnapChat’s platform is much more conducive to advertising

So what does this all mean?  At pocket, we believe that all social networks are not a “one size fits all” for your brand.  In the articles above you see where usage and adoption moves from one to another to another – and quickly.  The average person only has so much time in a day to consume content – which is why you see flocking from one platform to another.

So what works best for your brand?  Pick the social platform where your target is, and go after it hard.  Monitor results to see how social networks impact your conversion.  Optimize to keep your social ROI at its peak – and move to a new platform if your audience flocks.

Posted on July 27, 2016 in Atlanta Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media

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