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Relationship Marketing

Recently our founder and CEO, Beth Ventura, was featured on the Business Radio X show in Midtown Atlanta. In the interview, she explores her strength in building relationships that is at the heart of pocket’s client management. It’s the care, attention to detail and honest listening to client’s needs that have spurred tight, long-standing relationships with pocket clients. But relationships don’t stop between marketing partner and client. She guides the pocket team to not only build strong, successful relationships with our clients but to extend that care and approach into relationship marketing to reach potential customers for our clients.

Beth explains a bit of our process to hone in on our clients prospects and potential customers through relationship marketing. It’s understanding the online behaviors of your potential customers and making sure you have the right message to grab then and convert! It’s why we are named pocket, we form such a close bond with our clients, that we are the team in your pocket!

Take a minute and listen to our approach to relationships, directly from our founder herself. You can listen here:






Posted on June 21, 2017 in Atlanta Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing

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