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A group of multi-ethnic people sitting at a wood table in front of large windows.  There is a tree just outside the window.  Some of the students are looking at their tablets, while others are looking at their phones.  There are red and green coffee cups sitting on the table.

We are pocket, a full service digital marketing agency in Atlanta.  But we are always asked how did we come up with the name, pocket?

Take a look around, that’s right, look up from your phone.  Whether you are on SnapChat, PokemonGo, Instagram or Facebook, we are spending more and more time with our noses pointed towards a screen.  It makes perfect sense however, new apps released at an alarming rate demand attention.  Everyone wants to be the latest app, build the fastest growing audience online and convert quickly.  It’s hard to keep up.

Mobile devices are the remote control to our lives.  From those who only use mobile to gain access to the internet to those who have their entire household electronics on their mobile device, our need to access through a handheld device is only getting greater and greater. It is from this that our name, pocket, was born.

But we are always asked what our names means, so as true digital marketers in Atlanta, this is how we define our name.

For you a marketer with goals, to gain new customers, you only have a moment to attract their attention.  Tablets, mobile, social, email are all the tools in the palm of their hands in which you must reach and resonate, quickly.  You just have a moment.  Are you in your customers’ pocket?

In order to stand out, you need a digital marketing partner experienced enough to know which tools your customers and prospects prefer.  You need to be a leader, adopting new technologies to stand out amongst the clutter.  You need to capitalize and convert, quickly.  All you have is a moment.  Do you have the right marketing partner in your pocket?

We are who you need….

We are pocket.  We are a team of experienced digital and traditional marketers with years of success.  We are passionate about our work.  We ask questions to hone in directly to the right need for any challenge.  We are focused on results.  We are the team you need in your pocket.

Posted on July 20, 2016 in Atlanta Digital Marketing, Brand, Digital Marketing, Mobile, Social Media

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