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We are Atlanta-based, though our work takes us everywhere, and with a recent highway collapse, our ability to work from anywhere just became one of our top priorities. For those who are wondering, the collapse is a mile from our office. Our company is founded on flexibility for our employees, allowing anyone to work from home when needed. We don’t require that you be in the office 5 days a week. But with most of us working from home these days, we’ve got a few great tips to keep you organized and feeling like part of the team!


  1. Set up a separate space – for best focus and less distractions, set up an area that is your “office”. Whether it’s a room or just a small corner, dedicate an area to boost your productivity and focus
  2. There can be too much flexibility – just because your office is at home, don’t lose track of office hours. Dedicate yourself to being in your office space for your business hours. If you have set hours, you’ll find you get more accomplished.
  3. Communicate with your team – there are so many productivity tools that can keep you in touch with your team all day, so you don’t feel like you are an island. The pocket team relies on Slack daily, but you can choose from many.
  4. Stay in touch – do you live near a coworker? Even though we may not be in the office, we frequently have lunch or collaborate at each other’s houses, as we all live nearby.
  5. Comfort – make sure you are comfortable. You are at home, wear PJ pants all day if you want. Slippers, no problem.
  6. Tools – invest in a good chair, streamlined desk, or additional monitor if you need to. Just because it is a home office does not mean it should not have all the tools you need.
  7. Lunch hour – take your lunch time when it best fits your schedule. Want to go to the gym at 2pm? Sure. Early haircut at 10? OK. Just make sure you do not take advantage and are accessible.
  8. Meet deadlines and deliverables – this is our mantra at pocket. Hit your due dates, deliver your materials. Ask questions along the way. If you accomplish these, then everyone is happy.

Posted on May 9, 2017 in Atlanta Digital Marketing

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