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When can Digital Marketing just become Marketing?

It all started in the early 1990s when the internet was born. Those who remember knew it was a place where brands would take their brochures and convert them into static, copy-heavy web sites.  A few years later, came clickable banners along with the founding of Google. Fast forward a few more years and Blogger comes about, letting everyone start to create web sites. We quickly cycle through MySpace, Facebook 1.0, Google Ad Words, Cookies, Web 2.0, WordPress, LinkedIn, Skype, Flickr, Gmail and YouTube.

With each new emerging technology allowing users more control, the sites themselves were quickly developing new algorithms to monetize what their user base was doing. From there, we have today’s digital marketing.

But we still operate in our own lane. Traditional versus digital – but do we really still need that label? Consumers rarely perform any task without a screen involved, so the role of digital has become a powerful influencer for brands. Here are our thoughts on why digital takes the lead.


Yes, we know that you can measure digital quickly. And it may be that nimbleness that leads to such strong and immediate results for digital. Gone are the days of launching a campaign and waiting months for the results. We have teams dedicated to monitoring and optimizing, so that every dollar is used wisely – without waste or duplication.


EMarketer reports that over 95% of the U.S. Population over 18 owns a mobile device. Mobile influences nearly every purchasing decision that consumers make. Add to that the fact that mobile commerce (Mcommerce) is growing at such a rapid rate that it will equal digital (desktop) commerce by 2020 (Source:Emarketer). Mcommerce is the growth factor that will lead to a surge in overall Ecommerce over the next few years.

Budgets & Spending

As of 2016, cumulative spend for digital advertising outranked total traditional spend. This was the first year that digital budgets were larger than traditional, and the gap between the two will only continue to widen as time passes. Not only are digital budgets pulling from traditional, but new technologies are driving the increased spend as well.

How is digital a part of your overall marketing mix? Is it taking the lead or does it need some attention? A solid strategy will make sure that you are on the right track. Who is the team in your pocket?

Posted on March 28, 2017 in Digital Marketing

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