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The Power of Influence

Have we curated ourselves into believing anything? In case you have not heard, the last weekend in April 2017 delivered a complete cluster of an event….the Fyre Festival. Targeting affluent millennials, this weekend paradise music festival, turned luxury getaway, was billed as a weekend unlike any other. With top millennial  influencers from Bella Hadid to…

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Burst the filter bubble?

Is social media building up too many filter bubbles and do we really want out of them? Politics aside, in this divisive time, a lot of fingers have been pointed at social media regarding the current state of affairs (regardless of which side of the aisle you are on), specifically at filter bubbles. It seems…

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Social Media Takeover

Let’s face it, it’s a race amongst the social networks to see who can get the most users online for the longest time.  The evolution of social networks was the fastest adoption rate of any medium in history.  When we were first introduced to Facebook, only young users and college students were on it.  Shorty…

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A group of multi-ethnic people sitting at a wood table in front of large windows.  There is a tree just outside the window.  Some of the students are looking at their tablets, while others are looking at their phones.  There are red and green coffee cups sitting on the table.

Look up, we’re here

We are pocket, a full service digital marketing agency in Atlanta.  But we are always asked how did we come up with the name, pocket? Take a look around, that’s right, look up from your phone.  Whether you are on SnapChat, PokemonGo, Instagram or Facebook, we are spending more and more time with our noses pointed…

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