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Relationship Marketing

Relationships at the heart of your marketing

Recently our founder and CEO, Beth Ventura, was featured on the Business Radio X show in Midtown Atlanta. In the interview, she explores her strength in building relationships that is at the heart of pocket’s client management. It’s the care, attention to detail and honest listening to client’s needs that have spurred tight, long-standing relationships with pocket…

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Where ever your office may be…

We are Atlanta-based, though our work takes us everywhere, and with a recent highway collapse, our ability to work from anywhere just became one of our top priorities. For those who are wondering, the collapse is a mile from our office. Our company is founded on flexibility for our employees, allowing anyone to work from…

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Ad Bowl 2017

While our beloved Atlanta Falcons did not #riseup, the ads this year really delivered. With the decisive attitudes throughout the country, marketers tread a fine line between poignancy and crossing a political line. Therefore it’s no surprise that brands chose to use the most coveted advertising platform make statements on key issues. Here is our take on our…

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Hello Rockstars!

The pocket team is expanding – and we have an immediate need for digital Graphic Designers and Art Directors. Joining the pocket team is unlike any other agency experience. With a seasoned, experienced team that puts out this work, you’ve got an opportunity to grow into something larger and really make your mark! We know that the…

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Email Marketing Atlanta

Don’t forget Email

We at pocket do a lot of highly successful email marketing.  In the time where social, display and paid search are strong traffic drivers, email has gotten a bad reputation.  However, don’t discredit email for not only being a true one-to-one brand touch point, but it may be one of the more powerful tools in…

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popular social media icons

Social Media Takeover

Let’s face it, it’s a race amongst the social networks to see who can get the most users online for the longest time.  The evolution of social networks was the fastest adoption rate of any medium in history.  When we were first introduced to Facebook, only young users and college students were on it.  Shorty…

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A group of multi-ethnic people sitting at a wood table in front of large windows.  There is a tree just outside the window.  Some of the students are looking at their tablets, while others are looking at their phones.  There are red and green coffee cups sitting on the table.

Look up, we’re here

We are pocket, a full service digital marketing agency in Atlanta.  But we are always asked how did we come up with the name, pocket? Take a look around, that’s right, look up from your phone.  Whether you are on SnapChat, PokemonGo, Instagram or Facebook, we are spending more and more time with our noses pointed…

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