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While our beloved Atlanta Falcons did not #riseup, the ads this year really delivered. With the decisive attitudes throughout the country, marketers tread a fine line between poignancy and crossing a political line. Therefore it’s no surprise that brands chose to use the most coveted advertising platform make statements on key issues. Here is our take on our favorite ads from the big game:

The Future Is Female

Audi and Mr.Clean took on two very different approaches to address women’s equality. Mr. Clean took a humorous approach by breaking the facade that only women clean their houses. While some find this spot too lighthearted, we think that it was a well-thought-out approach to making the brand modern and relevant. Plus, with all the other messages of the night, a little humor was great.

Audi addressed the women’s equality issue head on and without any misunderstanding of their message. Incredibly powerful and well executed, this spot tugs on your heart strings.  It’s also a first for a luxury, sports car manufacturer to target an ad specifically pro-feminism and all who support it.  #driveprogress

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Immigration is one of the hottest topics in America right now, and Budweiser, Airbnb, Coca-Cola and 84 Lumber tackled this issue head on. 84 Lumber showed us the journey taken by many to come to this county. While very poignant and eye opening, what aired is an edited down version from what was originally shot. But it does not lose its impact with the Super Bowl edit. It drove so much site traffic to the URL that their site crashed during the game. It’s worth viewing the whole spot, to fully appreciate a great, surprising message from this brand.

In their Super Bowl debut, Airbnb, plants their foot squarely inside this topic. They show the fabric of diversity that represents their brand and their customers. Without even having to mention their worldwide locations, their powerful point comes through. #weaccept

Coca-Cola’s pre-game ad put them squarely in this conversation by re-using a TV spot created in 2014. While life is always better with a Coke, they show first-hand the melting pot that makes America. They also prove that three years later, this ad still packs the same punch.

While Budweiser maintained their funny, meme-inducing Super Bowl ads they are known for, their take on this hot topic hits right in the bullseye. They provide a first-hand account that a brand synonymous with America (the current cans read “America” and not “Budweiser”), has its roots in one of many immigrant stories shared throughout our history. It is a punch to the gut, aimed directly at the immigration conversation.

Here We Are, Entertain Us

However, political messaging aside, there were some funny ads that delivered pure entertainment. The ones we cannot stop YouTubing are:

  • Bai – N’sync never sounded so good
  • Kia – nothing like getting the hottest actress in comedy to go over the top

Whether using their platform to place themselves squarely in current events or just to entertain us, one thing is certain, we all talked about them the next day! Way to go Super Bowl advertisers, now to kick off your 2018 spots!

What do you think?  Were brands too political?  Were they funny enough?  Let us know your thoughts!

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